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How Do You Take Care of Yourself?

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

What's your favorite thing to do for fun? To relax? Can't remember? Try thinking back to when you were a kid...

I love bubble baths... meditation baths...

For as far back as I can remember I have had an attraction to the water. I loved the water growing up. I always wanted to go swimming... even when I didn't know how to swim. I have been oddly courageous when it came to swimming in the oceans and seas of the world. I remember one time when I was little we were on vacation and traveled to Istanbul and swam in the Mediterranean Sea...

I got caught in a tide and tumbled in the wave.

I was no older than 2 and a half going on 3 and beside us being in Istanbul my main concern is we hit the beach. My little brother was a new addition to my princess life, so as you can imagine 3 year old me wanted to spend some time with her then most awesome best friend, my dad. My dad taught me, coached me how to play most field games, and games in general. He later would become my soccer coach when I was in the 3rd grade and takes great pleasure in reminding me I didn't trust anyone's level of expertise to train or coach me in that sport. Essentially after every statement my coach made I would look to my dad for reassurance- during the game, and my dad came to every game.

So, needless to say at 3 with a new addition to the family, my brother, I was ready to thoroughly enjoy to this day one of my favorite past times- swimming. Could I swim? Hell no. But my dad made me believe I could do everything, and everything I did was great. I remember having so much fun, pretending to be the most beautiful princess mermaid, my dad was out with me on the shores of the sea, enjoying the waves... then I got caught in a tide and tumbled in the wave. I remember tumbling, like doing several front flips in a row, and the scariest moment that went through my mind is, 'which direction am I tumbling?!' Needless to say I am alive, and I am reminded that this moment scared my father and mother far greater than it scared me.

I work as a therapist, and I have to get people everyday to remember something they can do to relax themselves or enjoy themselves with very little lifestyle change. These are what we call in the field, coping skills. There are healthy and unhealthy coping skills. Often, I ask that my Patients think back to childhood. What did you like to do back then, that you can do now? Well I cannot swim year round, but I can submerge myself into water everyday...

Get Inspired

As we grow, or we spend time getting to know ourselves our hobbies and passions begin to take on a life of their own. Something that I also started doing is meditating. So as an adult, I thoroughly enjoy drawing meditation baths. I use flower petals sometimes, different fruits namely your citrus delights, salts, different oils, and of course my other childhood favorite bubbles. I like to take a meditation bath about 1-2x a week, or heck just whenever I feel like it. For those seeking some #sensuality, grab your lover and have them join you! I promise by the end you both should feel relaxed!

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