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Sensually Clear is a lifestyle interactive blog created by Shameelah Iman.  Shameelah Iman is a twenty-something, Howard University alumna, military daughter from "everywhere." Through Sensually Clear she is able to comment and critique (unfiltered) on global current events, openly discuss spiritual taboo's, healing recipes, and her own personal spiritual journey.  She gives her unique perspective on Life's TV worthy drama and rom-com moments, and offers her experience giving psychoeducational and wellness information, routines, and recipes.


I am so excited to launch and share Sensually Clear with everyone.  It is a creative idea that has turned into a creative, breathing project.  I created this blog to share truth, my truth and to hopefully be of service whether you chose to browse out of boredom, or because you came looking for something. My hope is that this blog entertains, brings peace, and inspires...

Have fun, look around, get to know me.. I do respond and let's really start loving, living, and laughing!


Thanks! Message sent.

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